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  • Until We are Swallowed by Oblivion
  • Rainy Days
  • Chants pour Van Gogh
  • Certain Love Story
  • Suicide Notebook
  • Alejandra Pizarnik's Full Bibliography
  • KZThe Lady of these Ruins
  • The Invisible Writing
  • Alejandra Pizarnik's Iconography

"Books can be many things, from language traps to freedom spaces, from landscapes where we can walk to places where we can mount our tent. This book by Patricia Venti is, to use Olga Orozco's words, a missing reunion. Because through her Chants not only circulates the endearing Vincent Van Gogh, but also those who called him that way, from the poet Antonin Artaud, to Lautréamont, Alejandra Pizarnik, André Breton, Charles Baudelaire, Leopoldo María Panero and Nerval. And not because the verses of some of them appear as an epigraph of Venti's poems, but because their poetic identities are called from a shared verbal atmosphere, from a set of images that delimit a common poetic space, from a comprehension of the poem –the painting- as an area of incantation and ceremony, from a fellowship between poetry / painting".

Cristina Piña