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  • Until We are Swallowed by Oblivion
  • Rainy Days
  • Chants pour Van Gogh
  • Certain Love Story
  • Suicide Notebook
  • Alejandra Pizarnik's Full Bibliography
  • KZThe Lady of these Ruins
  • The Invisible Writing
  • Alejandra Pizarnik's Iconography

This volume brings together for the first time, pictures of the Argentinean poet Alejandra Pizarnik. In those pictures we can see, from her parents Jewish origins, to her days in Paris and her last years in Buenos Aires. It also collects some of her drawings and manuscripts.

[ . . . ] As we see in many photographs, Alejandra was short, with small hands and feet, light-colored eyes, and her skin ravaged by acne and her finger nails. During adolescence she used teeth wire, she walked almost on tiptoes, with hunched shoulders; marching was her distinctive, using very short steps, somehow furtive and funny. Her voice was deep and she stuttered a bit. Between fifteen and seventeen she had the passion for photography. She took id photos, downtown photos, salon photos. She was photogenic and I think that the half-smile in pictures of the time defined her. As for her way of dressing, when she was going to a party, she wore a gray flannel suit and a black dress. She, contrary to what has been said, cared for appearance. She used to go shopping with her friends to find deals, and she was a frequent client of an Avenida de Mayo store, where they sold men's clothing only. Alejandra did not use much makeup, but she used castor oil for her eyelashes and an almost white-pink color for her lips.